Wednesday, 26 February 2014


One of the perks of my job is that I get the opportunity to travel. 
I recently went on my first buying trip to a place I've dreamed of since I can remember, 
magical London. 

I fell in love with the bustle of trench coat wearing, soldier-like people along Oxford Street. 
The way that every building is nothing short of an architectural masterpiece. 
I fell in love with the tubes and all the people-watching opportunities they provide.  
The way that the streets feel like catwalks, normal people strutting their unique creations. 
Knowing that these were the streets where designers come for inspiration- quirky and eclectic.

The city oozes with inspiration, everyone and everything stirred in me a bewildering excitement. 
Inspiration that made me want to draw, write, design, or just do something to express 
the way the place, and the adventure made me feel. 
Four shorts days was not nearly enough time to work, play and see all that wanted to. 
But I most certainly tried my best. 
A stroll through Hyde Park.
I swore to myself that one day, I will come back and spend days climbing on and off tubes, 
getting lost on purpose. At whichever station looked like fun - ones like Cockfosters and Angel Station. 
Cute little alley in Shorditch, with signs and arrows directing to a sweet little cafe. 
Chinatown. A friend took me to this secret bar here one night. 
No street signage just a knock on the mysterious old, dark door got you in to this dingy, 
but very trendy 4 level cocktail and cigar lounge. 
I felt like something out of a mob movie.
Cliche, but necessary. 
My sweet little hotel, The Leonard Hotel- just off Oxford Street.
The late night bustle of scrambling Londoners.
These stores really know how to do displays - like none I've seen before!
Once I had navigated my way through the London Underground, from 
Heathrow to Marble Arch station. I climbed my way out what felt like the most 
exciting maze of tubes, tracks and peculiar people - this was my first view 
of the outside, London world. I don't think it could have been much better. 

Monday, 24 June 2013


Yet another awesome resort collection, loving the abundance all over the web lately. 
And another awesome collection from Orla Kiely. 
Lovely layering, perfect combination of cutesy prints, polka dots and hearts, perfectly preppy. 
Image Source: here

Thursday, 20 June 2013


"This collection perfectly exemplifies our idea of effortless beauty combined with our culture of couture."
- Valentino designers
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Monday, 17 June 2013


I have often wondered how the phenomenon of street style capturing and fashion blogs came about... Who first thought to document pictures of what people are wearing, and post it on the net? Like world famous blogs such as Facehunter and The Sartorialist, who have paved the way for monumental fashion change. It's blogs like these, and many more who have caused a shift in the origin of fashion inspiration, from whats on the ramp to whats on the street. Living in the postmodern, eclectic society we do... we borrow. From previous generations, we adapt and we make it our own. The rise in the popularity of thrift stores and vintage finds is aided generously by street style documentation and fashion blogs. Designers are looking to the streets for who's doing what, and blogs are the perfect source for this. 

In doing some research for my thesis, which focuses on blogging, and particularly the shift in fashion inspiration bought about by street style observation. I discovered a likely starting point for street style capturing. Photographer Jason Evans, in a shoot titled 'Strictly' in 1991, which featured in London magazine i-D. The shoot features young men, styled in a way, so as to "break down stereotypes" with an eclectic mix of past and present trends and cultures. The shoot was intended "to blur the boundaries between art, fashion and life." The photographer chooses to step away from the staginess of your normal fashion shoot, into a more documentary style. Exactly the "street style" we know today.

The style of photograph in the shoot (below) bears much similarity to the capturing of style we know today. Full length images with little to no expression and in neutral poses.

Image and information source: here

Friday, 14 June 2013

Resort Collection 2014

Crazy about this very wearable, classy but relaxed collection. Adore the shoes and styling!
Vuitton designer, Julie de Libran says her inspiration for Resort 2014, was "the French girl," "she's a sophisticated bohemian." She goes on to say "She likes to mix and match, combining comfort and sensuality." 
I don't think this range could be described any better.
I'd quite happily roam the streets of France in any of these looks, feeling classily boho. 
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